Signal converters catalogue

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  1. Temperature
  2. Position
  3. DC-current
  4. Galvanic isolators
  5. AC-current
  6. Weigth-Strengh
  7. Frecuency-Pulse
  8. Comparators
  9. Digital
  10. Multiplexers
  11. Power supplies
  12. Arithmetical converters
  13. Calibrators y simulators
  14. Others-digital interfaces
  15. Displays


In this catalogue you can find signal converters, comparators, adders, sequencers and expanders, PT100-RTD converters, thermocouples, potentiometers, electrovalves, Optos, 0/10v, 0-4/20mA, 0/60mV, Digital-Analogic, isolators, multiplexers, signal generators and simulators, displays, load cells, power supplies….

All of our products meet the EU directives in  Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility.