Krenel signal converters

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Krenel signal converters

Specialized manufacturer since 1983, in a wide and varied range of krenel signal converters for all types of sensors and applications, Galvanic Isolators ,  0 / 10V adapters, Multiplexers of 8 and 16 inputs for 0-4 / 20mA , for PT100 , 0-4 / 20mA and 0 / 10V generators.

What we manufacture

KRENEL is specialized in a wide and dynamic range of converters and signal converters that facilitate and link wide variety of sensors and analog-digital control systems and PLCs (PLCs) signals manufacturer.

They are interface modules to condition, amplify, transmit, isolate or multiplex all kinds of sensors: strength, temperature, pressure, position, frequency-pulse … and electrical signals of current and voltage (DC-AC).

They noted for their universal and flexible philosophy:     

  • Fast and convenient connections via plug-in terminals.    
  •  Ease ranges configuration by the user.    
  •  Dual output 4 / 20mA and 0 / 10VDC.    
  •  Versatile Supply.

Our catalog

In our website you will find a catalog distributed in Families. Also in Manuals section you can easily find data sheets to download in PDF format, sorted by number, reference and input and output types.

Given the wide variety of modules that produce either standard or customized products. Summarized in our catalog you will find: Galvanic Isolators, Adapters 0 / 10V, Multiplexers 8 and 16 inputs for 0-4 / 20mA, paraPT100, and generators 0-4 / 20mA and 0 / 10V, displays process …. among other devices.

If you don’t find what you need, not hesitate to contact us, we will help you choose the need for your product or installation poryecto. In the event that you need does not exist, adapt the product that best suits their needs.

To contact us call our phone number or if you prefer you can send an email to or you can simply fill out our contact form, you’ll find it here.